(UK) Moulsecoomb autistic 4 yr old excluded from school; school can't afford one-on-one

Oct 1, 2018, Argus: Mum’s fury as son, 4, excluded from school Charlotte Waters, of Moulsecoomb, felt “disgusted and let down” after Bevendean Primary School told her that her son Kian, 4, would face a temporary exclusion following an altercation with a student. Charlotte said Kian has ADHD and high traits of autism as well as hypersensory sensitivity. She said: “We were told by a senior school official that Kian would be excluded, awaiting a pending Special Education Needs (SEN) assessment. “However, the school has admitted to me that regardless of the result of the assessment, they simply cannot afford to give Kian the one-to-one treatment that a child with his needs requires.” … She said: “The support that Kian needs because of his conditions, which we had to fight to have recognised, is simply not available. “At the moment, either myself or his grandmother has had to sit with him in lessons because the school can’t deal with him…. “The real scandal is that the support network for children with neuro-divergent conditions like autism is just not there. “There are so many children who are allowed to slip through the net, especially when they are young….