(UK) Mother of autistic boy: "teachers need better training"

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

July 2, 2019, Education Executive: Better training needed for teaching children with autism As reported by the BBC, the mother of a boy with autism has spoken out about how teachers need better training to effectively deal with SEN children … Her son, Robbie, has said that teachers single him out for symptoms of his autism. As a result, he has been taught in a separate building to his classmates. He is due to move to another school in September. Robbie’s mother, Jenny, said: “It’s not just Robbie – it seems this is happening in lots of schools with autistic kids. He wants to raise awareness of the fact this is happening. “There is not enough training for teachers, and there seems to be a social norm to pick on autistic kids. … Mandy Williams, CEO of Child Autism UK, said: “Teachers sometimes view the behaviour of children with autism against the standards set for their typically-developing peers.” Mary Bousted, from the National Education Union, said: “It can be easy to miss that children’s behaviour is linked to autism.”