(UK) "More than half of special educational needs...teachers have been physically assaulted"

April 1, 2018, (UK) Tes: SEN teachers 'are headbutted, spat on and punched – sometimes every day' More than half of special educational needs (SEN) teachers have been physically assaulted by their pupils, a survey shows. … Nearly three-fifths (59 per cent) said they had been attacked in the past year, and 74 per cent said they had experienced verbal abuse. Teachers revealed that they had been headbutted, punched, kicked, bitten and spat on, sometimes on a daily basis, leaving them bruised and injured. One teacher said they had received more abuse than friends who were police and prison officers. Some teachers said the attitude from their school leaders was that being attacked was “part of the job” when dealing with children with complex needs. One SEN teacher said: “It is believed that because we work in a special school, the abuse, physical and verbal assaults come with the job, so it has to be a serious assault with injuries and medical attention [and] sick leave to be taken as serious.” More than a fifth (21 per cent) of teachers said they were only encouraged to report some incidents, and 7 per cent said they were not encouraged to report incidents to their school. Nearly a third (30 per cent) said they rarely or never got the support they needed to teach children with SEN effectively….