*(UK) More than 1,000 little kids expelled from UK schools for behavior

July 23, 2017, UK Express: Violent five-year-old expelled for touching his teacher’s breasts A FIVE-year-old boy who allegedly attacked a teacher with a hockey stick and touched her breasts has become one of the youngest children to be permanently excluded from school. Luke Hoare was told to leave school last autumn at the start of Year 1. The incident followed a number of outbursts that had scared other children. … Soon after he enrolled in a reception class, aged four, teachers began regularly phoning home with complaints. Ms Hoare said: “Luke was hurting people – spitting, swearing. They put him on half-days in reception and half-days in Year 1. “I’m worried about the future for him. It’s scary because I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know where he will be in five years’ time. I hope he can lead a normal life.”… Figures released last week by the Department for Education show that the total number of permanent exclusions from all state-funded primary, secondary and special schools in England in 2015/16 has risen for a second year to 6,685 pupils. More than 1,000 were from primary schools, which represents a rise for the third year running. Of those almost half were seven or under – including 50 four year olds. The figures are the equivalent to 35 children being excluded every school day. The number of fixed-period exclusions, where a pupil is excluded for a set period of time but allowed to return, across all state schools was also up at 339,360 last year from 302,975 the previous year. … Persistent disruptive behaviour is the most common reason for permanent and fixed-term exclusions accounting for 35 per cent and 28 per cent respectively. Physical assault against an adult is the most common reason for all exclusions from special schools.