(UK) More students expelled for assaulting teachers, verbal abuse

July 20, 2017, TES (UK): Pupils expelled for assaulting adults rise by a fifth The number of infants excluded from school for any reason increases by nearly 20 per cent in a year, government statistics show The number of pupils expelled for physically assaulting adults has risen by a fifth in one year. Some 730 pupils were permanently excluded in 2015-16 for physical assault against an adult, up from 620 in 2014-15, according to government data from 2015-16 published today. There were also 23,440 temporary exclusions for assaults against adults in 2015-16 – a 13 per cent rise compared with 2014-15. There was a 9 per cent rise in the number of pupils expelled for verbally abusing adults, up from 550 in 2014-5 to 600 in 2015-16. The statistics also reveal that schools permanently excluded 475 pupils aged 7 and under in 2015-16 – a 19 per cent rise on the previous year.