(UK) More schools need mental health services or it will 'cost lives'

Dec 5, 2017, (UK) Buzz Feed: Campaigner Says Only Having Mental Health Training In A Quarter Of Schools Will "Cost Lives" Teachers and campaigners say the government's "ambitious" proposals to increase mental health support in schools will do little to match the growing need because they aim to implement plans in only a quarter of schools by 2023. Kabir Miah, deputy head at Swanlea Secondary School in Whitechapel, east London, where the proposals have been piloted to form the basis of the government's green paper, told BuzzFeed News he was disappointed mental health support wouldn't be universally available in schools. … The government department aim to implement the plans, which are not compulsory, in only "a fifth to a quarter of the country by the end of 2022/23". It amounts to a staggered, five-year rollout in some "trailblazer" schools, and funding is only guaranteed for the period laid out in the most recent Budget.