(UK) More and more younger and younger children referred for mental health help

May 14, 2018, (UK) LADBIBLE: Figures Show Mental Health Treatment For Under 11s Has Jumped Dramatically … But new figures released by children's charity NSPCC reveal that there are plenty of young kids who are being referred for mental health treatment. Schools in England made 123,713 referrals since the 2014-15 year - with a little more than half of those students coming from primary schools. The BBC reports that the youngest person to be passed onto professional help was just three-years-old…. The charity's chief Peter Wanless said in a statement: "Our research shows schools are increasingly referring children for specialist mental health treatment, often when the child is at crisis point. "We have seen a marked increase in counselling about mental health, and fully expect it to continue. It is vital that Government urgently provides more funding to Childline and help children who don't have access to support elsewhere." Some children's cases were so severe that they were suicidal. Other mental health issues that were highlighted were anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders. Further figures indicated that 18,870 kids under the age of 11 were given specialist help in the 2017-18 school year alone - that's a third more than the data gathered from three years ago….