***(UK) Mirror reports on 'unteachable' students; 3,000 suspended at least 10 times last year

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Feb 17, 2019, Mirror: Nearly 3,000 kids are 'unteachables' as schools struggle to manage with naughty pupils Some 2,760 “unteachable” pupils were suspended from school at least TEN times last year…. And Department of Education stats also show misbehaving is increasing, as 1,170 pupils had ten or more exclusions in 2016. Most of last year’s “unteachable” pupils were secondary pupils but, alarmingly, 430 were still at primary school. Typically, a pupil is banned from classes for between half and three days a time…. Christopher McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: “Some children are unteachable in a normal school environment. The havoc they cause can ruin the education of other children and destroy their life chances.” Although, as Channel 4’s Dispatches pointed out, some pupils are excluded many times as schools misunderstand or cannot cope with a learning disability – such as autism. In the past five years the number of kids suspended has risen from 146,000 to 183,000, and the number expelled from 4,630 to 7,720…
Misbehaviour is increasing in schools