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(UK) Milton Keynes schools face 'high demand for special school places'; "complex needs/autism"

Mar 4, 2020, Buckinghamshire,MKFM-Radio: School’s expansion planned as number of special needs pupils grows in Milton Keynes A council consultation has started on proposals to add two classrooms to a Milton Keynes school as the borough faces running out of room for a rising number of children with special needs. Milton Keynes Council is spending £3.2million in a three-pronged strategy to both increase the number of children included in mainstream schools, and on refocusing specialist provision. … Romans Field School is currently oversubscribed, with 57 pupils on the roll despite only having 50 official places, the council says. Now the council, in a consultation lasting until May 9, wants to expand this number of places by 16 to 66. The school is concentrating on children with social emotional and mental health needs and complex needs including autism…. “There is a high demand for special school places across Milton Keynes, with a number of special schools in Milton Keynes already at capacity or oversubscribed,” says Caroline Marriott, the council’s head of special educational needs and disabilities. …


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