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(UK) Medway: Council pays $6.7K; autistic boy missed 10 mos of school

Jan 10, 2023, Kent Online: Medway Council ordered to pay £5,500 [$6,700] to mother whose autistic son missed out on 10 months of formal education

SE England

A council has been ordered to pay £5,500 to a mother after her autistic son went 10 months without formal education.

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman asked Medway Council to apologise to the mother, who had to give up her job to care for her son after he left school.

A report presented by the body concerns an unnamed boy who has autism, ADHD, speech and learning difficulties, and anxiety.

It details how the child was the subject of an emergency review after he left school in May 2021 following an incident.


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