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(UK) May 30 nat'l rally to protest SPED failure

May 13, 2019, Bucks Herald: Special Education Needs Parents march to highlight council and Government's failures Disgruntled parents are fed up with a 'broken system' and are organising a UK-wide march to protest Government's failings of Special Educational Needs children. On May 30 there will be marches/rallies taking place across England and north Wales, with the largest in London. … …Katherine Watts, who is protesting the failures of government said: "The whole system is completely broken and corrupt. Parents and carers are so tired and fed up of the constant fight it takes just to get Local Authorities to provide the correct support needed for their children. "It's an incredible struggle just to get local authorities to produce a suitable Education Health and Care plan."… "A lot of parents end up completely broken and some even give up. We feel we have no other action now but to protest and make our voices heard by Local Authorities and the Government." Protesters want change now. They see the principle problems in the chronic under-funding of Local Authorities that has created a situation where SEND service[s] are stretched so thin, they cannot keep up with demand…. The activists claim that some children are waiting years for the appropriate levels of support, with some unable to get a diagnosis or a needs assessment….


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