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(UK) Mawdesley: New "neurodiverse school building" to open in Sept

June 16, 2024, Blog Preston: Rainbow Hub gives update on new neurodiverse school building

NW England

Rainbow Hub’s dream is almost a reality, as their purpose-built school in Mawdesley is nearly ready. The nonprofit organisation provides services for children with special educational needs due to physical and neurological disabilities and their new school is set to open in September. .  . .

The main construction is nearly finished and electrical work began at the end of May. Completion is due in August, allowing time for the charity to install their equipment before opening for the new school year in September. . . . 

Lyndsay Fahey, CEO, Rainbow Hub, said, “We started with a dream and to make this dream a reality we secured funding of £5 million [$6.4M] from Wain Foundation which was a remarkable act of kindness for which we will be forever grateful.”

“It will allow us to provide support to children who may sometimes be over-looked but deserve every opportunity to become as independent as possible.”

She continued, “However, these wonderful donations are restricted to the building projects, and we will still need to raise £700,00 [$890K] each year to keep our core therapy services running so the support of all the other wonderful people who help us is vitally important.”

The building has been designed in neutral colours for a calming effect, all education and therapy rooms will have a H track ceiling hoist and classrooms will contain both education and therapy equipment making them all multi-purpose.


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