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(UK) Lincs: $8.6M to update school for 'profound, multiple' learning difficulties

June 20, 2024, Lincs World: Lincolnshire councillors endorse £6.8 million [$8.6M] renovation for special needs school

Lincolnshire county councillors have approved a £6.8 million renovation plan for a special needs school between Boston and Spalding.

During a Children & Young People Scrutiny Committee meeting on Friday, local representatives discussed a project that would convert Gosberton House Academy, an autism specialist school, into one that can cater for all children with SEND needs.

The scheme includes building a new four-classroom block. Dave Pennington, Head of Property Development at Lincolnshire County Council, explained that two of these classrooms would be used for children with “profound and multiple” learning difficulties, while the other two will be used for general SEND needs.. . .


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