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(UK) Lincolnshire: Council to spend $127M to improve special ed services

Nov 28, 2023, Special schools project brings further improvements for Lincoln-area pupils

E. Midlands

A Lincoln special school will offer pupils much-improved facilities thanks to a £15m [$19M] investment.

A new teaching block is being created at Lincoln St Christopher’s School to replace an old building that is no longer fit for purpose. The new space will include eight classrooms, a food technology and social skills room, a hall and kitchen, small group rooms and calming spaces.

The new block will also provide a medical inspection room, hygiene facilities and staff and meeting rooms.

Other parts of the existing school will also undergo some remodelling work to provide two further classrooms and therapy spaces, with a further two classrooms being refurbished and upgraded. Outside, there will be improved playing areas, a horticulture area and sensory garden, as well as improved car parking and access for minibuses.

Cllr Mrs Patricia Bradwell OBE, executive member for children's services, said: "The council wants to ensure that all children can access high-quality education, as near to their family and local community as possible. To help achieve that, we're investing £100m [$127M] in improving our special schools.

“St Christopher’s School has experienced significant growth over the last few years, and, earlier this year, we opened a second site that will accommodate St Christopher’s primary-aged pupils moving forward, helping meet the rising demand for places.

“We’ve now turned our attention to the secondary-school site to ensure that it will be able to meet the needs of a wider range of pupils in future. This will mean more pupils with SEND can attend their local school rather than having to travel large distances for their education, which will be of great benefit to both the children and their families.”

Janette Kennedy, executive headteacher – Lincoln Saints Federation, added: “With an ever-growing demand for special need places, St Christopher’s are very excited about the opportunities the new build offers our students and the wider community.

“It is essential for both our families and young people, to create opportunities which enable them to access high-quality, special education close to home. The excellent work being carried out across Lincolnshire special schools will enhance the future prospects of our children and young people, and we are very proud to be a part of this journey….


The two extremes of the autism community, summarised in an MSN article I found today:

"The historic view of disability as a purely medical condition had resulted in segregation, dehumanizing institutionalization (like the infamous Willowbrook State School, showcased in the 2020 documentary Crip Camp), and even eugenics to prevent "defective genes" being passed on. The deeply troubling and terrible injustices of the past have led to vilification of any medical associated intervention by the disability rights movement."

"Within the autism community, two seemingly opposing camps have emerged—adult self-advocates influenced by historic views strongly oppose anything related to the medical model and emphasize the strengths and capabilities of individuals. On the other hand, parent groups seem to focus on medical-based…

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