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(UK) Lincolnshire: $105M to improve special schools; 500 MORE PLACES over 5 yrs

Dec 15, 2022, Upgrade for special schools

Council’s huge investment continues to improve schools across Lincolnshire

E. Midlands

Following the official opening of the new £13.2m [$16M] Boston Endeavour Academy and a £6.5m [$7.9M] extension to Willoughby Academy in Bourne, other Lincolnshire special schools are benefitting from improvements…. That's why the authority is investing around £86m [$105M] in improving and expanding 13 special school sites across Lincolnshire over the next few years….

Progress is also being made on an extension to St Christopher’s School in Lincoln. In order to increase the school’s capacity, the council is constructing a new 130-place school on the site of the former Priory Witham Academy Junior School….

"So, the council is investing £86m to improve the support for children with SEND, which will see an additional 500 special school places created over the next five years….

Looking ahead, an extension to The Priory School in Spalding is expected to be completed in early 2023, while improvements are also being planned for St Lawrence School in Horncastle, St Francis School in Lincoln and Gosberton House Academy.

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