(UK) Leicester parents claim kids with SPED/autism needs being denied

Dec 30, 2018, Leicester Live: Parents fighting for the education they say their children need but are being denied Parents of two Leicestershire children with special educational needs claim they are being denied the education they need and have appealed to the county council to fund places at specialist schools. The parents of both Jack Harvey, nine, and 13-year-old Daisy-Beau Collyer have both talked to Leicestershire Live about their struggle in getting their childrens' conditions diagnosed and their continuing battle to get the right education for them. Leicestershire County Council have spent £19 million this financial year on specialist school placements. JACK Jack Harvey, is nine. He has autism and ADHD. He is currently a pupil at Broom Leys in Coalville. His mum Amanda Harvey wants Jack to be given a place at a specialist school. She said: “He is a danger to himself and to others and still the council say he doesn’t need to be at a specialist school. … Amanda added: “He can’t deal with mainstream school, he doesn’t cope well with the class size, he is disruptive and his behaviour impacts on others too.” … “The school can’t meet his needs, it’s not their fault, he needs to be in a specialist school, it’s not fair on him or others…. DAISY-BEAU Daisy-Beau Collyer, 13, has autism, sensory processing disorder, dyslexia and learning disabilities. Her mum, Camille, wants Daisy to go to the Grange Therapeutic School in Oakham but her EHC plan says that her current school, Kibworth High, can meet her needs. Camille said: “It’s taken seven years to get Daisy an EHC plan and we still don’t think she is in the right place. “She hates school, she says she has no friends and she never wants to go. … “The panel that decide on what happens have never met Daisy-Beau, they don’t know her needs, all they have is a report. … SPENDING ON SCHOOL PLACEMENTS Leicestershire County Council has spent £19 million on specialist school placements for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) this financial year. … More than 2,600 requests have been made for EHC plans to the county council over the last four years. 1,780 assessments have been carried out since 2014.