(UK) Lancashire: Intervention program for schools addresses suicide/self-harm

Mar 30, 2018, (UK) Lancashire Post: Alerting our young to the dangers of a ‘false reality’ Social media gives people a false sense of reality, and too many can get caught up in a world that is not real and find themselves comparing their own life unfavourably. This is one of the messages Sam Tyrer wants to pass on to young people as part of his mission to tackle mental health issues and reduce the number of suicides and self harm incidents in Lancashire. … Sam, who was recently awarded a Young Citizen of Lancashire award, says: “Everything has escalated very quickly. I have now left nursing and am doing early intervention prevention with schools and colleges throughout Lancashire. … “We want to get the school talks into the school curriculum at high school age and the aim is to get young people to develop a more resilient mind and develop coping strategies. … “The talks in schools are aimed to give the younger generations the tools they need later in life and to have a better understanding of their social environment and amplify their ability for self learning and emotional development.”