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(UK) Knutsford: Sensory room for kids with "complex educational needs"

Jan 16, 2024, Knutsford Guardian: Sensory room helps pupils with autism at Handforth Grange to relax

N. England

AN oasis of calm has been created to help children with complex educational needs to relax.

A starlight sensory room supports pupils at Handforth Grange Primary School with autistic spectrum disorder and various other conditions.

Coloured lights, a dark environment, sounds and sights of bubbles and water can be controlled to make a real difference to children's lives, providing a respite from constant sensory overload.

This special facility also helps children who may be struggling with their mental health.

The school has a resource provision to help fund specialist equipment for children who have an education and health care plan.

Handforth Town Council voted unanimously to re-equip the sensory room, as much of the equipment now needs to be replaced.

A grant will fund an interactive super max bubble tube, vibrating pillow, interactive fibre optic carpet, fibre optics display unit with an LED light source and a 3D animation sensory projector with LED colour change.

Deputy head teachers Leigh Green and Jessica Dolby said: “These items will help restore the sensory room to full working ability….

“It will help those children who currently struggle with mental health to improve their focus and will provide them with a safe place to relax.” Cllr Susan Moore, chairman of Handforth Town Council, presented head teacher Andrea Booth with a cheque for £2,188 [$2,789] at a school assembly on Friday.

Cllr Moore said: “The council is very pleased and proud to assist with the restoration of such an important resource for the school.”

The school thanked the council for their generous donation.


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