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(UK) Knowle: $30K for new sensory room at special school

Oct 25, 2023, Solihull Observer: Schoolchildren enjoy new sensory room

W. Midlands

CHILDREN with special educational needs at a Knowle school have been enjoying a de-escalation and sensory room thanks to a generous donation.

The room was created at Springfield House School, which provides for the special educational needs of young people, aged five to 11, who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties, thanks to Knowle and Dorridge Round Table and Shirley Round Table.

They used the £25,000 [$30K] collected at the group’s events including Santa sleigh routes, the Knowle and Dorridge Beer Festival and Dorridge Day to turn what had been described as ‘a waiting room in a disused train station’ into a place of calm and exploration.

Children go to the school from all over the Birmingham and Solihull area, after mainstream education has been unsuccessful and some of the children have experienced traumas with some also managing Autism, ADHD, foetal alcohol syndrome and other challenges.

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