***(UK) Kirklees face dire SPED costs; more disabled students everywhere in U.K.

Aug 16, 2019, Huddersfield Examiner: Kirklees must find more than £9m to cope with special needs demands Councillors have blamed the government for the shortfall Kirklees Council has been forced to divert money towards special educational needs and disability (SEND) as it shores up a multi-million pound funding shortfall. And senior councillors have attacked central Government for failing to address growing SEND requirements faced by local authorities. Kirklees has been allocated £38m [$46M U.S.] towards high needs as part of the government's Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) but has forecast that it will need to find an extra £9.2m [$11M U.S.] to cope with rising demand. … In outlining the overspend Clr Graham Turner said the council was seeking to manage budget pressures "as best we can". He commented: "At the risk of sounding like a broken record the Government needs to get to grips with the continued rising demand and the pressures placed on all local authorities by the growing SEND requirements. "We are still seeing pressures in demand for adult social care but see no signs that this will be addressed any time soon by Government, so we will continue to manage as best we can the pressures placed on our budget." … The Government has announced it will pump an extra £250m [$303M U.S.] into high needs nationally. Kirklees' share will be £1m. However there are fears that it will not fix the existing funding shortfall. In a strong attack on Westminster Clr Turner added: "Government have indicated that they will be announcing a one-year settlement for local authorities on September 11 for the next financial year. "Whilst an early settlement is to be welcomed I suspect that this will be very much a holding settlement and will not address the growing demand for services we see in many areas of the council….