(UK) Jewish News: "Support services struggling to keep up" with mental illness in kids

Oct 25, 2017, (UK) Jewish News: ‘Massive’ increase in mental health issues in Barnet according to new report A report into safeguarding in the Jewish community in Barnet has found evidence of a “massive” increase in mental health issues for children and young adults, with support services struggling to keep up. … In the special report commissioned by Barnet, Professors Eleonore Kofman of Middlesex University and Margaret Greenfields of Buckinghamshire New University looked at why there was a “relative under-representation of Jewish children” in relation to safeguarding statistics. Over 50 interviews, Kofman and Greenfields heard of the Jewish community’s “concern about the emotional wellbeing of children and young people and the limited routes available to them,” noting that parental separation and divorce are “major events” for Jewish children from strongly family-oriented and tight-knit communities. Jewish respondents told them of a “massive increase” in mental health issues for youngsters in recent years. “Proportionally, it was argued that the strictly Orthodox community has exploded with mental health needs,” they wrote.