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(UK) Jersey: Lack of support for "neurodiverse" students; parents 'suffering'

Oct 14, 2022, BBC News: Neurodiverse children struggling in Jersey's education system

Channel Islands

Three Jersey women are campaigning for more government support for neurodiverse children in education. Rachel Kelly, who runs an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) support group, said children with ADHD and autism were not properly supported. She said she faced challenges in getting her children to attend school every day. Jersey's education minister said training was being provided and a support centre was being set up…. After her children were recently diagnosed with ADHD and Autism she started setting up the support group and has been "inundated with parents who are suffering"…. Ms Thompson moved to Jersey in 2021 with her family. She said her son Oscar developed severe anxiety around going to school and would not attend…. "He is scared to go into school, I didn't feel I was heard at all. Government need to prioritise this, the fact that we aren't being prioritised means we are struggling all our life with our mental health and not achieving our full potential." The Education Minister Inna Gardiner said she was aware of the problem and had already started to provide more training for teachers and support for parents. She said a neurodiversity centre would be set up in January 2023 to support children with ADHD and Autism.

Three Jersey mum's say the education system for neuro-diverse children was "broken"


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