(UK) Hull: Parents question use of 'Consequences Room' for discipline

July 4, 2018, Hull Daily Mail: 'My son makes himself sick to avoid being put in school's isolating consequence room' Parents are asking a school to close its "Consequences Room" because it is harming their children. Isolation units, or areas set aside for unruly children to go to reflect on their disruptive actions, are commonplace in schools. But Emma Holland's son, Lennon, 13, says her little boy is making himself sick to avoid going to school and getting sent to the isolation unit for being disruptive…. Miss Holland, 34, says her son has special educational needs although he has not been given a formal diagnosis, and has spent a month in the Consequences Room. She said: "He has spent four weeks in the Consequences Room before. He can't sit still for long periods and talks a lot. That's why he gets into trouble…. Rules in the Consequences Room are said to be strict, with pupils banned from talking or moving around the room. "They're only allowed three toilet breaks a day," said Miss Holland, 34. "Even the teachers aren't expected to spend a full day in there. I'm told staff swap over after a few hours…. "Children need to learn that they have choices in life and if they make poor choice there will be consequences. "However, this assumes that we are dealing with children who do not have special educational or emotional needs and are capable of making sense of the idea of choices and consequences. Not all children can. "I am not entirely sure the Consequences Room will help that individual address their behaviour. But it will help teachers trying and struggling to engage with that child….