(UK) Huddersfield: School serves 115 severely autistic students

Oct 6, 2019, Examiner: Inside this unique school which is just for children with autism The first thing you notice when you step into the playground of Woodley School and College is how many adults are present. You may be forgiven for thinking: "Are these the children's parents?" They're not; they're teaching assistants (TA) and there is one TA for every two students. Some pupils at this school – exclusively for children with autism – have a TA of their own and if a child's behaviour is particularly challenging they have two assistants to themselves. Woodley School and College, Lowerhouses, teaches 115 pupils who are on the severe end of the autistic spectrum. They cannot be taught in mainstream schools, or even regular special schools, so this highly specialised school is one of the the few places in the UK where they can obtain an education….