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(UK) Horncastle: Plans to expand special school from 80 to 150; part of $113M investment

Mar 17, 2022, Planet Radio: Plans to rebuild a special needs school in Horncastle have been submitted

E. England

Proposals would see the schools capacity almost doubled Plans to expand a Horncastle special needs school and nearly double its capacity have been submitted to Lincolnshire County Council. The authority, which is behind the plans, is looking to create an entirely new building at St Lawrence School including 17 classrooms, main hall, physiotherapy rooms, sensory and calming rooms, and more. It is part of an £86 million [$113M] investment in special needs schools across the county and will see pupil numbers increase from 80 to around 150. Lincolnshire County Council’s aim is to limit the number of pupils travelling outside of the county for their education. A report to the authority’s planning department said: “Horncastle St Lawrence has experienced significant growth over the last few years; consultations for school places regularly exceed place availability and the school has been required to accept students beyond their physical capacity to ensure they can be educated locally. “The new build premises at Horncastle St Lawrence would provide suitable accommodation for 150 children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) who require specialist provision and reside in the Horncastle area…. Council bosses hope work will be able to start in Autumn 2022.


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