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(UK) Hensingham: Boy with "highly complex needs" gets special school place; others don't

May 14, 2021, Cumberland News & Star: Newsquest readers celebrate U-turn on SEN school place NW England A young person with severe learning difficulties has been given a place at a specialist educational needs school after a county council U-turn. Denny Black, four, of Hensingham was initially denied a place at Whitehaven’s Mayfield School and was faced with attending a mainstream school, despite having highly complex needs. An ongoing Special Educational Needs and Disability provision crisis in West Cumbria means there is not enough funding to meet demand for the places needed. Our readers were happy to hear the success story and shared their own struggles with autism provision in Cumbria. His mum Karen said: “It’s not just about their education and that’s what I think a lot of people miss…. Victoria McKenna said: “Exactly what we are going through at the moment. “They have denied my son a place and he is facing mainstream school which we won’t be sending him to. She added: “He will just be home educated until a time where hopefully we manage to get him a place in a suitable place for his needs." … May 13, 2021, (UK) Norwich Evening News: Norwich special school seeks to increase number of pupils A Norwich school for young people with special educational needs is hoping to increase its number of pupils. Harford Manor School, which currently offers 88 places to pupils aged from three to 19 with complex needs, wants to provide a further 10 places from September. … Governors said the expansion would allow more children to benefit from specialist education and support and reduce travel time for pupils who currently travel long distances to other schools…. Norfolk County Council has made a commitment to invest £120m [$169M U.S.] in creating 500 additional places at bases at mainstream schools, special school new builds and expansions of existing special schools


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