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(UK) Harwood to open $7M support center for disabled children/young adults

July 6, 2021, £5m [$7M U.S.] Great Harwood council development starts to take shape (NW England)

Building is starting to take shape on a brand new £5 million [$7M] development in Great Harwood which will offer support services for children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities…. One of the new buildings will be a short break service for up to six children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, which will provide overnight support. Play facilities are also being built next to the centre. The second building will be a short break service for adults with disabilities. This service will provide overnight short breaks for up to eight adults at a time…. "It's great to see these superb new services taking shape. "The modern facilities will offer the very highest standards of support for people with disabilities…. "I have been pleased to be involved in the development of ground-breaking facilities such as these, which are a vital part of Lancashire's health and social care system, during my time as leader of the county council….


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