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(UK) Hartlepool gets new school; 'more and more parents' told their kids have no place

Mar 20, 2019, Hartlepool Mail: Hartlepool wins government approval for creation of a new free school Hartlepool is set to get a new school to boost places in the town for children and young people with special needs after winning government backing. The Secretary of State for Education has approved Hartlepool Borough Council’s bid to establish a new special free school…. Councillor Brenda Harrison, chair of the council’s Children’s Services Committee, said: “We are delighted to have secured this extra provision in Hartlepool. “This new special school will mean that we will be able to meet the needs of more Hartlepool children and young people in town rather than them having to travel long distances for their education…. Hartlepool MP Mike Hill said the town has a good track record for special needs education, but more funding is needed. He said: “More and more parents are being told by schools that they no longer have the resources to support children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities, and it’s harder to access specialist help. “The Free School concept is controversial, but the creation of a new facility in the town for children in need of specialist support, and to relieve the pressure on existing providers, is a significant step.” … “The new school will help to meet the need for additional, specialist, high quality places in the area.”


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