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(UK) Harrow: Hospital awarded NAS accreditation

April 29, 2023, Harrow Online: Harrow makes history with first autism accredited private hospital

Near London

Harrow’s Clementine Churchill Hospital, part of the Circle Health Group, has been awarded the National Autistic Society’s accreditation, making it the first private hospital in the UK to achieve the honour.

The award recognizes the hospital’s safe and welcoming environment for neurodivergent individuals and the effective delivery of services by staff and doctors to meet the needs of autistic patients. The Clementine Churchill worked closely with the National Autistic Society to ensure that their facilities and services were as accessible as possible to patients from across Harrow, North London, and the wider area.

The National Autistic Society, founded in 1962, is committed to building a society that works for autistic people. It provides practical information and support to more than 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK and aims to change attitudes toward autism, ensuring that businesses, government bodies, and services are autism-friendly.

To achieve accreditation, Clementine Churchill underwent evaluation in four sections, focusing on employee communication, service delivery, facilities and services, and advocacy for the needs of autistic people. The hospital received high praise in each category.

Commenting on the award, Lisa Trybus, Executive Director of The Clementine Churchill Hospital, said “Since we opened our children and young people ward 18 months ago we have been working tirelessly to ensure that our facilities and services are inclusive for all who use them.

“We treat many autistic patients and that prompted us to work with The National Autistic Society. I know I speak on behalf of everybody at The Clementine Churchill when I say that we are committed to continuing that work for many years to come.”


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