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(UK) Guernsey: 250 children waiting for ASD assessment

Mar 6, 2024, BBC News: Increased demand for autism diagnostic services in Guernsey

Channel Island

A new initiative is being launched in Guernsey to address the increased demand for autism and ADHD diagnostic pathways.

The Committee for Health & Social Care (HSC) says it has approved plans to provide additional capacity for the Children's Autism Diagnostic Service.

The initiative will see UK-based company Psicon undertake additional assessments over a six-month period.

Deputy Al Brouard asked those waiting for assessments to "bear with us".

The Children's Autism Diagnostic Service has been open to referrals from the community since October 2021.

According to the HSC, about 250 children were currently awaiting assessment, which was "considerably more" than the team had capacity to see.

'Assessment pathway'

The committee said it was also exploring options to increase the capacity of the ADHD Diagnostic Clinic, which is facing similar challenges. . . .

The number of children referred for assessment also increased, with 24 referred in 2020, rising to 133 in 2023, the HSC said. . . .

He said: "Our committee is also acutely aware of similar challenges faced by our ADHD Diagnostic Clinic, which simply cannot keep up with demand.

"We are looking to increase capacity in that service in the coming months, but, in the meantime, would ask for those people waiting an assessment appointment to please bear with us and the team running the service."


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