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(UK) Grimsby: Local theater to host autism-friendly movies

April 19, 2022, Grimsby Live: Sensory cinema event for autistic children to return to Grimsby Minster

E. coast of England A sensory cinema experience especially designed for children with autism is returning to Grimsby Minster. Taking place on Monday, May 2 from 4pm until 6pm, local company Sensory Cinema UK will be back with Mellow With the Minions. The events are designed for people with autism and other special needs and offer a range of sensory experiences like lights, bouncy balls, bean bags and other interactive elements. Sensory Cinema UK was spearheaded by local autism awareness campaigner Corrinne Bryan and Jamie Roberts of Cineshow UK…. "There will also be no trailers or adverts before the film so whoever comes along can just enjoy watching the movie. Aside from that there will also be an activities area and a calming area if people don't want to watch the film. We want somewhere for like minded families to be able to feel safe, be involved and connect with one another."…. "Tickets on sale now and after listening to all the feedback we collected from our taster event, tickets will be limited and priced accordingly. All profits go to Sensory Cinema UK to keep these amazing events going. See you there!"…

Tickets are on sale now


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