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(UK) Govt to address exclusions of SPED students

May 7, 2019, Gov.UK: Edward Timpson publishes landmark exclusions review Schools will be made accountable for the pupils they exclude and there will be a clampdown on off-rolling, as part of Government measures taken in response to the Timpson Review of exclusions. … The report concludes that while there is no optimal number of exclusions, there needs to be action to ensure permanent exclusions are only used as a last resort, where nothing else will do. Analysis shows 85% of all mainstream schools not expelling a single child in 2016/17, but 0.2% of schools having expelled more than ten pupils in the same year. Vulnerable groups of children are more likely to be excluded, with 78% of permanent exclusions issued to children who had special educational needs (SEN), or classified as in need or eligible for free school meals. … Edward Timpson’s review of exclusions found that in addition to variations in the way schools use exclusion, there was a small minority of schools ‘off-rolling’. This is where children are removed from the school register without a formal exclusion, which can lead to children being pushed out of education altogether and exposed to potential safeguarding risks…. We also need to support those most at risk of exclusion, taking action before exclusion happens. Too many children can fall through the cracks, so I want schools to be accountable for the pupils they exclude, alongside tackling the practice of illegal off-rolling. This is not an easy answer, but it is one that will help the most vulnerable children in our society to fulfil their potential. … The Government has confirmed that it will re-write guidance on managing behaviour and the circumstances when exclusions should be used. This will extend to the use of isolation units and support for those with SEND, to make sure they are used constructively, as outlined in Edward Timpson’s recommendations…. • Cracking down on poor behaviour The Government has already committed £10 million to help teachers crack down on poor behaviour in the classroom, with Tom Bennett appointed as lead adviser to implement the pioneering programme. Hundreds of schools will benefit from the programme, where a network of expert schools will be identified to help teachers and school leaders in need of support. The review comes as work continues across government to tackle serious violence crime and ensure that every young person is safe and free to fulfil their potential. There is no formal evidence that exclusion is a direct cause for young people to become involved in knife crime, and the Education Secretary has been clear that education is the best protection for young people most at risk of being led down a dangerous path…. • 78% of pupils who are permanently excluded either have SEN, are classified as in need or are eligible for free school meals. 11% of permanently excluded children have all three characteristics. • Boys with social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) but no statement were around 3.8 times more likely to be permanently excluded than a non-SEN child while girls were around 3.0 times more likely after controlling for other factors….


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