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(UK) Govt boost school funds; $1.3B for SPED, 13% increase in one year

Dec 23, 2021, Workop Guardian: Brendan Clarke-Smith column: Funding boost is great news for pupils in Bassetlaw

E. Midlands

I welcome the Government’s announcement on increased school funding, which is delivering the biggest school funding increase in a decade, funding schools with £41.7 billion in 2022-23. We are boosting school funding by £4 billion in the 2022-23 academic year, with £5,669 per pupil for every secondary and £4,362 per pupil for every primary. By 2022-23, the total schools’ budget will have risen by £14.4 billion [$19B] compared to 2019-20, the biggest increase in a decade…. The £55 million [$74M] extra funding can be used for hiring specialist teachers, providing training and purchasing school supplies including textbooks. This also includes increasing SEN funding by £1 billion [$1.3B], a record 13 percent increase on this year. The extra funding will help schools, councils, and other specialist providers across Nottinghamshire and Bassetlaw provide the right care and support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, so every child receives the help they need to fulfil their potential….


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