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(UK) Govt allocates $2.2B for disabled

July 29, 2021, Swindon Advertiser: North Swindon MP unveils new government strategy to help disabled people's housing and job prospects

S. central England NORTH Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson set out the government's national disability strategy to help millions of disabled people benefit from more accessible housing, easier commuting, and better job prospects. Containing 100 immediate commitments and supported by £1.6 billion [$2.2B U.S.] of funding, the strategy is focused on improving inclusion in the workplace, tackling the disability employment gap and making sure children with special educational needs and disabilities are at the heart of the strategy. The strategy includes consulting on introducing workforce reporting for businesses with more than 250 staff on the number of disabled people. This move is designed to improve inclusive practice across the UK’s biggest employers and builds on existing gender reporting requirements - Increasing the number of disabled people employed by MI5, MI6, GCHQ, the Reservists and the civilian military by 2030. MI6 has set an interim target of 9% by 2025. The government will be launching a new online advice hub available to both disabled people and employers, which provides information and advice on disability discrimination in the workplace, flexible working and rights and obligations around reasonable adjustments. For the first time, the one stop shop will make it easier for disabled people to navigate the workplace…. In addition to this, to make sure disabled people can live in homes adapted to their needs the government is taking action to: - Raise the accessibility requirements for new homes and adapt existing homes using the £573 million [$796M] Disabled Facilities Grant to make changes like widening doors, installing ramps, fitting stair lifts or installing a downstairs bathroom. - Mandating that 10% of homes built through the £11.5 billion Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 will be for supported housing, boosting availability of good homes for those with additional needs. This target is designed to make more homes available to people with additional needs. The strategy outlines new technology making rail journeys easier and more accessible, including enabling disabled passengers to contact staff from their seat on the train with the new support in place by end of March 2022. The Department Of Transport is also supporting innovative projects that will improve communication for disabled passengers and others with reduced mobility on rail services. Projects will be supported with between £50k and £400k and will use new technology to make using the railways easier and more accessible…. Mr Tomlinson said: “For the first time, we have real cross-government focus, with clearly set out priorities and aims. "We are absolutely committed to putting disabled people at the heart of government policy making and service delivery…. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Just as our talented Paralympians are set to take the stage in Tokyo next month, at home we are harnessing that same ambition and spirit, to build a better and fairer life for all disabled people living in the UK. …


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