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(UK) Government to spend $13M (US) on school discipline problems

Feb 28, 2020, GOV.UK: Experts to help tackle poor behaviour in schools Schools with poor discipline to get expert help from those with exemplary behaviour practices to prevent disruption in the classroom A new team of experts are set to help schools curb unruly behaviour and prevent disruption in the classroom. Schools with exemplary behaviour practices are being invited to lead the Government’s £10 million [$13M U.S.] programme to improve discipline, as part of work to raise school standards across the country. Supported by renowned behaviour experts, these schools will work in partnership with those that need help to turn around their behaviour culture, equipping heads and senior leaders with the tools they need to tackle poor discipline…. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: Pupils learn best in an environment where there are no excuses for bad behaviour and high expectations are set for all pupils. Poor discipline disrupts lessons, holds children back and has a profound effect on teachers. … The behaviour hubs build on the work of Ofsted, which inspects how well teachers are trained to manage behaviour in new teacher training inspections. This supports the Government’s manifesto pledge to back heads and teachers on discipline. These plans aim to reduce disruption that can impact on all pupils’ education and help teachers get on with their jobs. Headteachers will also continue to be backed to use exclusions where they are warranted, with a focus on raising the quality of alternative provision to improve outcomes for excluded children…. The programme aims to recruit up to 20 lead schools in this application round, with plans to support at least 500 schools over the three-year programme. The first wave of lead schools will be matched up with partner schools and begin work in September this year….


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