(UK) Government promises kids in UK will be seen by mental health providers within 4 weeks

Dec 3, 2017, (UK) Isle of Wight Radio: ‘Ambitious’ mental health shake-up for stretched children’s services Children in England will be seen by mental health services within four weeks, as part of a Government pilot. The new waiting time target is one of a number of proposals outlined in a preliminary report to be published on Monday. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt described it as an ambitious attempt to transform the treatment of young people. The plans include access to mental health support in schools and colleges, which will work in partnership with the NHS. Mr Hunt said: Every school will have a senior mental health lead, who will be trained to understand what someone’s mental health condition might be and the help they might need. Then we will set up a programme to help people with mild to moderate needs get help quickly and early. But also for the people with severe mental health needs we will make sure that the NHS wait is much shorter. The Government is promising an extra £300m over the next three years to fund the proposals.