(UK) Gloucester: Allergy support group announced; 1 in 12 kids in the UK affected

Nov 27, 2017, (UK) Gloucester Live: This boy was born with 12 allergies - now his mum is welcoming a support group for parents in Gloucestershire A parent whose son was born with 12 allergies - and was once in hospital because he had a cashew nut - has welcomed a new support group which could help hundreds of parents. Byron Major was born allergic to all dairy products, eggs, wheat, nuts and soya among others. … Now, his mum Louise has welcomed a new Anaphylaxis Campaign support group being set up at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for parents of children with food allergies. … Food allergies affect around one in 12 young children in the UK, according to Allergy UK. So, from tomorrow, the group at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital will look to support parents of children with food allergies, help them meet other families in the same situation and share stories and tips. The group is not just for patients at the hospital, but for any parent of a child with food allergies. Hosting the evening will be Janina Joliffe, a parent of a child with allergies, and paediatric respiratory nurse Helen Smith, who set up the group. Among the things they will discuss is that schools can now buy adrenaline pen devices from a pharmacy. Helen said: "We have got hundreds of children in the county with food allergies. It's on the increase.