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(UK) Glastonbury: School adds $1.82M Autism Spectrum Condition base for 16 students

Nov 19, 2022, Somerset County Gazette: Autism Spectrum Condition base at St Dustan' School

SW England

PUPILS at St Dunstan’s School, Glastonbury, have marked a significant step in eco-building by burying a time capsule on the site of their new Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) base….

The ASC building is a project by Futures for Somerset, a partnership which includes Somerset County Council and BAM Construct.

It will cost £1.53million [$1.82M], is being built by C. G. Fry and is scheduled to be completed by June 2023 ready for the start of the academic year in September. It will cater for up to 16 pupils….

"That means future generations will be able one day to dig up the time capsule and see what life in Glastonbury and at St Dunstan’s was like in 2022 and how their forebears worked to make a better future for them."

Headteacher Sally Allen said: “Creating a time capsule is brilliant for children learning about the history of their local area….

Students, staff and guests during the capsule burying event. Picture: Somerset County Council


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