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(UK) Glasgow: Elem school celebrates autism diversity, 'different super powers'

June 11, 2023, Glasgow Live: Glasgow primary pupils take part in Autism Pride woodland walk Pupils attending Drummore Primary School and Camstradden Primary teamed up with Fortuneworks, a service supporting adults with learning disabilities, to take part in the woodland walk

Fellow teacher Nicola McSweeney was blown away by the support shown by both parents and pupils.

She told Glasgow Live: "It's a day where we celebrate diversity.

"Audrey saw Autism Pride online and decided to arrange an event for our school.

"We didn't how busy it was going to be but we were just overwhelmed by the support. This day is about celebrating differences and raising awareness of the different challenges they may have.

"We talk about their different super powers. The main point of the movement is to show that neurodiversity does exist and there is a lot to celebrate."


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