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(UK) Glasgow: Autistic 9 y o misses 5 months of school; no special school place

May 14, 2023, Scotland, Glasgow Live: Glasgow girl with autism misses months of school as she fights for special needs place

Ella has been off school since December as she finds it upsetting and struggles to cope.

A nine-year-old girl with autism has been 'left in limbo' waiting for a space at a special needs primary.

Mum Leanne Creswell said her daughter Ella hasn't attended school in Glasgow since December, as she finds it too frightening.

Leanne is fighting for Ella to be moved to a new school that caters for children with special needs.

And while the council has said it is trying to find the right support for Ella, Leanne said she is in limbo waiting to find out.

Ella had attended Balornock Primary in the north east of the city but found mainstream very upsetting and struggled to cope.

Leanne, of Blackhill, said Ella would end up having meltdowns and become extremely stressed after being in school, which led to her staying at home.

Explaining how it impacted her, Leanne said: “She is terrified of the school bell, hates loud noises and doesn’t like to be touched.

“She needs somewhere that is quiet with fewer children and more one to one support with adults. She needs to be in a special needs school. She's not been in since December - she only goes 30 minutes a week on a Friday.”…

Local councillor Audrey Dempsey who has been supporting Leanne said it is “unfair” that the family have experienced “radio silence” while they wait and stressed the need for the council to get it right for every child.

A council spokeswoman said: "We are working with the family to find the most appropriate, targeted support to meet the needs of this pupil….

Labour councillor Dempsey said she met with Leanne and Ella “very quickly” after they had reached out to local councillors.

The Springburn and Robroyston politician said she “instantly saw how mainstream education was not suitable for Ella and by leaving her there, we were actually failing her.”…

Mum Leanne Creswell with Ella.


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