(UK) Fundraiser announced for 'autism friendly' bus to help with 'sensory overload' at events

Nov 14, 2018, Maidenhead Advertiser: Stand Out For Autism launches £15,000 [$19K US dollars] campaign to buy bus A charity has launched a £15,000 campaign to convert a bus into an autism friendly sensory unit. The founder of Stand Out For Autism, Holly Clarke, launched the drive today. Holly said: “We’re campaigning between now and the end of January to raise at least £15,000 to convert a bus into a mobile sensory unit so that we can attend any style or form of event and make it autism friendly.” When the ‘the bus project’ is up and running it will provide a haven for children, and adults, who might be experiencing a ‘sensory overload’ where there is a lot of noise and crowds…. Holly, whose seven-year-old son Harry has autism and verbal dyspraxia and attends Manor Green School, said: “A lot of families probably won’t go to certain events because of the noise levels and because there isn’t a quiet area.” The bus ‘will be part of the community’ and she envisions schools in the Royal Borough using the bus facilities during term time. She also believes that the bus project could also benefit dementia patients and be an ideal space for private parties for children and adults with autism…. During the hour, the shops took steps to make the centre a more enjoyable shopping experience for shoppers with autism, including dimming lights and turning off music.