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(UK) Former SPED teacher delivers letter to Downing St.; 2 yr wait for SPED plan

Oct 21, 2021, Eastern Daily Press: Special needs advisor to deliver call for action letter to Downing Street

E. England

A former Norfolk teacher, who fears there are "huge and unforgiveable" shortfalls in provision for children with special educational needs, is to hand deliver a letter calling for action to Downing Street. Chris Hadjigeorgiou is heading to London on October 29 to take the letter outlining his concerns - and those of parents of vulnerable children - to prime minister Boris Johnson. Mr Hadjigeorgiou is a Norwich-based special needs advisor, having started up his business SEN Achieve in 2019, to support children with special educational needs and their families. Before that he worked in schools for almost 20 years, including as a special education needs co-ordinator…. "I am aware of huge and unforgiveable shortfalls in provision for children with special needs across the UK. Mr Hadjigeorgiou said he has had examples, from around the country, of children who have not been provided with education for more than 12 months and of children not getting good enough special educational needs support in school. He said there have also been instances where the process of providing education, health and care plans for children with special educational needs has taken more than two years…. And Mr Hadjigeorgiou said he had heard of parents being incorrectly told that dyslexia was no longer a recognised condition. He said: "I feel something needs to be done about it because I have heard the same thing from so many parents, so that's why I applied to take a letter to Downing Street." The government announced a review on support for children and young people with special educational needs in 2019, but it has yet to be published.


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