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(UK) Felpham: $1.8M allocated for new special school

Oct 11, 2022, Sussex World: 'Redundant' cottage in Felpham will be demolished to make way for £1.6 million SEND facility

S. England

A disused caretaker's cottage in Felpham will be demolished to make way for a £1.6 million [$1.8M] Special Educational Needs (SEND) facility for local students.

West Sussex County Council approved the application on Monday and, in a report on the decision, called the cottage ‘redundant’, saying: “(The cottage) has been vacant for a number of years (and) is in a poor state of repair so is to be demolished.”….

The County Council has a statutory duty to provide school places for all children who need one, and it is hoped that the creation of a SEND facility on the Felpham Community College site will help the council meet this obligation. The original application says the new build ‘will reduce the number of children and young people with SEND moving from maintained schools and academies into costly education provision in the Independent and Non-Maintained Special School sector, sometimes at schools not situated in West Sussex.’

Last year, £1.224 million was allocated to the project and, due to rising costs, a further £284,000 has since been approved for the construction and, if approved, work could start this winter – with completion anticipated in summer 2023….


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