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(UK) Exeter: "One in eight children" suffer from mental health issue during childhood

Jan 5, 2020, Exeter Fe News: How to support students with their mental health With one in eight children suffering from some form of mental health issue during their childhood years, it is important that we as parents and teachers are able to understand what this means for our children and how we can support them…. It can be hard for a parent or teacher to know what to do for the best when they suspect a child is suffering from mental health problems. But there is no need to go it alone. If you are the parent, speaking to your GP is a great way to open communication with professionals about your child’s mental health. Your GP can refer you to specialists (such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and give you advice on how to support your child with specific issues…. Remember that mental health is just as important as physical health. If you suspect a child to be suffering then do not ignore it. If you are a parent, follow the steps above and seek advice where needed. If you are a teacher, then follow your school’s policy and keep open communication with parents. It is important that children get the help they need when they are young, and by following the steps above, you are helping them to receive that.


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