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(UK) Evesham: Special needs kids turned away; 'there is a huge need'

Oct 28, 2022, Evesham Journal: Droitwich mum's anger as Fort Royal and Vale of Evesham special needs classes axed

W. Midlands

A DROITWICH mum has hit out at the decision to end classes for children with special needs and disabilities in Worcestershire as her son has missed out.

Children with special needs set to attend pre-school classes at Fort Royal Community Primary in Worcester or The Vale of Evesham Special School, were turned away in September after both were axed.

Lizzy Wrafter, mum of four-year-old Liam who has special needs, has criticised the decision. Mrs Wrafter, who lives in Droitwich, said: "He was meant to go to Fort Royal.

"He would have been in a classroom with other children with additional needs. "He is nonverbal, he has the mental age of an 11-month-old.

"You could not put him in a classroom with other four-year-olds. He needs specialist care, and to go to a specialist school.

"The class would have ideal, four afternoons a week.

"Instead he has had two visits from the outreach team - it is just not the same."

She said instead Liam was going to a nursery and a childminder who were both aware of his needs.

Tearfully she added: "There is a huge need in Worcestershire, closing classes down isn't the solution.

"I am one of the lucky parents - there are parents out there with no support.

"They will have no options, they will be stuck at home with their kids who will not be receiving a suitable amount of support because the resources aren't out there."

We approached Worcestershire County Council for comment.

The council sent us this statement from Worcestershire Children's First, which was previously published on its website.

It read: "There is higher demand for special school reception places for September 2022 and, as a result, Worcestershire Children First have had to make alternative arrangements for nursery assessment provision in September 2022.

"Fort Royal Community Primary and The Vale of Evesham Special Schools are altering the delivery model of nursery assessment. 

MUM: Lizzy Wrafter with son Liam (Image: From public)


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