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(UK) Edinburgh U address mental health rate among young people; "consistently rising"

Aug 17, 2019, Scotland National Journal: Edinburgh University academic describes mental health solutions YOUNG people should be encouraged to fight back against society’s “problem addiction” and instead be taught solution-based techniques, according to an Edinburgh-based academic, therapist and life coach. Rayya Ghul, an internationally renowned “solution-focused practitioner” at Edinburgh University, is delivering the Are You a Problem Addict? event on Monday as part of the Edinburgh Fringe at the Stand’s New Town theatre…. The number of people being treated for mental health issues has been consistently rising in recent years, leading to concerns about the need to address wellbeing in a sustainable way. Young people are particularly affected with long waiting lists for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), and record numbers of students and school pupils approaching counsellors for help. Ghul claims that teaching the solution-based talking and thinking techniques in schools could help empower young people to take control of their own issues and feel more able to cope without professional input. She would also like to see the solution-based techniques “normalised” in society and taught in community centres and other settings…. Toni Giugliano, Scottish policy manager for the Mental Health Foundation, said it welcomed calls to better help young people better manage their mental health. The charity is currently campaigning for Scotland to adopt mental health education, which is already delivered in England. “Wellbeing for young people at school is just as important as numerously or literacy. It’s about getting our kids to think about how to deal with the big issues in their lives. They are under so much pressure – to get the right job, the right relationship the perfect body and then you add social media into that mix. We need wellbeing and mental health to be part of the curriculum and to train our teachers to deliver it.


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