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(UK) Edinburgh: Severely autistic teen brought home from school 'half-naked, bruised'

Sept 28, 2023, Daily Record: Scots teen brought home from school 'half-naked and bruised' as mum demands answers

A Scots mum is demanding to know why her autistic son was brought home “half naked” and “covered in bruises” after an incident at his new school.

Syedda Moina was horrified to find her 15-year-old son handcuffed in the back of a police van after suffering a meltdown at Edinburgh’s Pilrig Park special education school on September 14.

The 43-year-old told how a shirtless Faseeh was “struggling to walk” as he limped back to the family’s home - and is now refusing to go back outside. They told Edinburgh Live that the teenager has the mental capacity of a three-year-old child, is non-verbal and extremely sensitive to loud noises.

The concerned parents believe an alarm was activated at the school, which resulted in Faseeh lashing out. Syedda and husband Syed Ale Mudasir Moini, who is Faseeh’s full-time carer, are now demanding to know the circumstances of the incident and whether the proper protocol was followed.

Teaching administrator Syedda, who works at Edinburgh University, said: “At 12.40pm my husband received a call from Police Scotland to say that Faseeh was being taken home by them and would be at our house within 20 minutes. We were shocked to see him in handcuffs, half-naked with no t-shirt or shoes on and covered in bruises.

“I instinctively filmed it, I could not get rid of my tears as it was shocking, it is a nightmare as a parent. When we received the initial call I was shaking. I tried to contact the school but we did not hear anything back from them directly and that is still true to today.

“He exited the back of the van handcuffed, which he was travelling in alone, and we noticed he was covered in bruises. I was asking questions like ‘how come he has bruises on his forehead and why is he struggling to walk?’

“But they just said that they took him from the school and that he was wearing handcuffs for both his and the officers protection. I went to St Leonard’s police station to try to find answers and submit a complaint against the school but they told me that our social worker from the council would be in contact and that I should not submit a complaint at this time."

The family were told by a social worker that their son was moved to a separate classroom after the alarm was activated. There were a number of staff members there, which Syedda believes would have left her son “overwhelmed”.

Faseeh is understood to have then caused physical injuries that required hospital treatment to three members of school staff. …

“We were told by our social worker that an alarm was pulled and that Faseeh began to point at his teeth which is an indication he is about to have a meltdown. At this point the school decided to move him to another room. We were told that once he was moved he began to start throwing things and smashing windows.

“This led to the school going on lock down and they moved everyone out of the room but in the panic someone had been left behind in the room with Faseeh.”

It is understood that staff tried to re-enter the room and it was then that Faseeh attacked three staff members, injuring all of them to the extent they required treatment. It was then the school called the police.

Syedda thinks her son should have been taken to a safer environment where he would have been able to calm down. Since the incident Faseeh has been removed from the school and will remain in his father’s constant care.

Syed had planned to return to work but will now be unable to do so as he will have to care for his son. “My son is now refusing to leave the house with my husband. He is terrified after the incident,” Syedda said….

We gave our guidance for how to best handle our son in this situation and we just want to know that this was followed. He is now without an educational setting and this has had a big impact on everyone in the family.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “On Thursday 14 September officers were called to a disturbance in the Pilrig area of Edinburgh. Officers attended and a teenager was escorted home by officers.

"The family of the individual has been spoken to with advice given, and relevant partner agencies have been made aware.”


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