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(UK) Edinburgh: Autistic 6 y.o. isolated from other students; mom demands change

Sept 13, 2023, Daily Record: Scots mum in tears after autistic son placed behind screen away from classmate

A distraught Scots mum has been left heartbroken after discovering her autistic son has been separated from his classmates at school.

Ana Martinez, 47, moved to Edinburgh one year ago with six-year-old Markel and his nine-year-old sister, Haizea. They made the move after struggling to find a suitable school for Markel, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

Ana was delighted to have the youngster enrolled at Corstorphine Primary School - but she was appalled to learn that he has since been made to sit on his own behind a screen, separated from classmates. The heartbroken mum says that teachers have pinned notes to his desk telling him to behave.

She only found out about the desk, which the council have dubbed a 'concentration station', at a parent teachers evening. Ana has now demanded that the desk be removed after claiming it is 'ruining her son's mental health'.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, she said: "Before he started at Corstorphine Primary School, they were very good with me and they informed me that their school was going to be okay for my child to attend.

"However, after attending a parent teachers evening last week, I discovered that he had his own desk and was separated from his classmates. The teachers said he was at that desk because he needs to focus and that’s why he has a shield type thing blocking his view. The desk is filled with horrible, negative visuals too.


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