(UK) E. Lothian: "New weapon to combat pupil anxiety... a weighted blanket!"

Dec 15, 2017, (UK) Buckinghamshire, East Lothian Courier: Dunbar Grammar School fighting pupil anxiety with... a weighted blanket! DUNBAR Grammar School has a new weapon to combat pupil anxiety... a weighted blanket! Being beneath the specially made blanket feels similar to getting a big hug and it is now being put to use at the school by helping calm autistic or anxious pupils. And it is already proving useful, with one teacher describing the effect it can have as “like magic”. The school-made blanket, which would cost up to £500 to buy, has been a real team effort, with students teaming up to create it after local businesses rallied round to support the project. Sandra Park, principal teacher support for learning at the school, said: “We had one upset boy come in and we said to him to lie down and put the blanket on and he just stopped screaming and crying. … Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder have low serotonin levels and the weighted blankets help to keep them calm when feeling anxious. Similarly, pupils who struggle with depression or anxiety can use the blanket to reduce their anxiety levels.