(UK) Duchess of Cambridge promotes mental health support for primary school kids

Jan 23, 2018, (UK) Sky News: Kate launches mental health website for primary schools The Duchess of Cambridge will launch a new website later to allow primary school children get better mental health support in school. The online resource called Mentally Healthy Schools will be available to all primary school teachers and staff, and provide a one stop shop for advice and practical ideas that they can use in the classroom. … Mental health problems in children and young people have been a key focus for the Duchess of Cambridge, who has taken an interest in how early intervention can stop problems later in life. More than half of all mental health problems in adult life start by the age of 14, with as many as one in 10 young children experiencing a mental health issue before the age of 11. … Former Head Teacher, Claire Thomson, one of the Quality Assurance Advisors to the website said: "I can see this website becoming a favourite go-to site for information about the many aspects of mental health. "I think it is really important that all school staff feel that the information applies to them as well, not just to teachers.